This We’ll Defend

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I have been working with the Veterans Hospital here in Tucson, AZ for the last several months. I am trying to get my pain under control and improve my health while I do it. I have been put on high blood pressure meds, pain relaxers and pain relievers. Every morning I take four pills before I do anything.

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Self Realization

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I walked among the gods

Once upon a time I had thousands of followers
They hung upon my words and praised my actions
Millions have heard, see or have known of me
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A New Generation

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My son is fascinated with the military. The uniforms, the weaponry and the concept; he has been since a young age. He has always said he wants to grow up and join the military even though both of us, his parents, say we do not want him to. His concepts of the military come from video games, movies and media coverage, all which in one form or another glorify the military.

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My Life.. My Mind.. Mine..

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I recently had a major meltdown. Total raging against the world my family my life and the injustices against my life as I perceived them. I have been dealing with a lot of stress in my life and I had a incident with my youngest daughter that just put things over the edge for me.

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Helping Hand or Limiting Growth?

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Recently a friend of mine posted a link on facebook concerning the governor of Florida signing into law that all those who receive welfare will have to take a drug test. He is against the action feeling it is constitutionally questionably and overly costly.

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