On Dark Wings She Takes Flight

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So my youngest daughter moved out today.

While she is 19 and most kids move out when they are ready, I can safely say she is not ready. She cannot drive, she isn’t versed on riding the bus or even comfortable with the idea of riding a bus, she has no job, she is not attending school, she has no income and she has no savings. Then there are her medical issues to be considered.

So please trust me when I say she is not ready, not even close.

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A New Generation

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My son is fascinated with the military. The uniforms, the weaponry and the concept; he has been since a young age. He has always said he wants to grow up and join the military even though both of us, his parents, say we do not want him to. His concepts of the military come from video games, movies and media coverage, all which in one form or another glorify the military.

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The Prince & The Pauper

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So I have a semi-unique relationship with my parents. I was a difficult child to deal with (I am pretty sure I had ADD or ADHD) and it was a constant battle with me to try to get me to do right. I ditched school, I was destructive and even at my best I was a pain in the ass. At the age of 15 I dropped out of school and my parents, in an effort to force me back into school, kicked me out with the admonishment that if I was out of school I was out of their house.

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The Problem With Family

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So once a month or so the entire family here gets together and has dinner. This is a mandate from my mom in order to foster a better sense of family and so everyone can catch up on what is going on.

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Daddy’s Little Girl

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Anyone who has met my family has met my youngest daughter Raven. Raven is a petite little girl who is very energetic and has been a large trial in my life. She has ADHD and because of it she is always running at high speed even with medication to help level her out. We have fought long and hard trying to help her gain some self control.

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